• Early Detection of Cancer
  • Quantitative Biopsy Reading
  • Drug Discovery Optimization
  • Nanomagnetic Relaxometry is a Novel Imaging Modality
  • Comparison of Nanomagnetic Relaxometry with MRI

Senior Scientific LLC is at the crossroads of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Our novel bioimaging and nanomagnetic detection systems have been developed specifically to detect cancer and other diseases earlier and with higher specificity than is currently possible.

We have developed proprietary hardware and software for the highly sensitive detection of nanomagnetic particles that can be linked to antibodies for the detection and treatment of cancer and other human diseases—all without the use of ionizing radiation or large magnetic fields. Our novel technologies make possible the earlier detection of cancer in vivo, the ability to analyze biopsies with greater sensitivity and accuracy, the ability to monitor the therapeutic effectiveness of anticancer treatments—both in humans and in animal models—and allow us to detect cancer recurrence with significantly improved sensitivity.

Our research facilities are located at the University of New Mexico Science and Technology Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we have longstanding relationships with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the Center for Integrated Nanotechnology (CINT) at Sandia National Laboratory.

Senior Scientific is owned by Manhattan Scientifics, Inc., a publicly traded company dedicated to assisting scientific enterprises commercialize transformative new technologies.

Collaborative Work by CINT & Senior Scientific

This film was created by a film crew from the Los Alamos Laboratory to be part of the ongoing exhibit on nanotechnology at the Bradbury museum in Los Alamos for the Center for Integrative Nanotechnologies (CINT). It consists of interviews with Dr. Dale Huber and Edward R. Flynn which are partially overlaid visually by ongoing experiments and experimental results.


Superparmagnetic Nanoparticle Structure

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Antibody Conjugates

Provides molecular specificity for targeting cells.

Stealth Coating – PolyEthylene Glycol

Minimizes opsonization in biological applications.

Protective Polymer Coating

Monolayer provides stability in aqueous suspensions.

Magnetite Nanoparticle Core

Uniformly Sized Superparamagnetic Fe3O4.